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Important Cover Information

Before completing your quote please be aware that you can tailor your cover to reflect your requirements on an individual gun by gun basis. Our standard cover is new for old which is based on the new value of the gun or its updated model. Any gun which is less than 5 years old will need to be insured on a new for old basis – requiring the value to reflect the new cost of the gun or its updated model. New for old is option “N”.

If you gun is over 5 years old you can still select new for old cover as above but you can also select to insure on a second hand value (Indemnity insurance) – using the current market value of the gun. An excess will apply to any guns insured on a second hand value basis based on the age of the gun (ranges from 10% to 30% - see policy wording for details). This is option “I”.

If you do not wish to have an excess but still use the current market/second value you may select “Agreed” value option. This requires you to have written evidence of the gun value e.g. a receipt or email from a RFD etc. Agreed value cover is at a higher rate than second hand cover but has a £0 excess. This is option “A”.

If you take out insurance you must also take and retain a photo of your guns as evidence of condition. The photo should be dated by a newspaper or similar in the background or you can use the policy schedule issued once you take out cover. The photo should show the entire gun (both sides) together with serial number. Please retain the photo as it will be requested in the event of a claim and may affect cover if you are unable to produce. There is no cover for 14 days at all under the policy if the photos are not taken/ produced as evidence.

You may select cover requirements per individual gun e.g. one gun new for old, then the next on a second hand value etc. If you have any questions, please call Newmoon on 01892 280 323.

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Total value of accessories to be insured *
These are defined in our wording as Equipment specified below which is designed to be used during Outdoor Pursuits - Bags and cases; Cleaning Equipment; Safety equipment (excluding Walkie Talkies); Shooting sticks; Stools and seats; Tent and hides.

Telescopic Equipment to be insured *
These include the modifiers

Specialist Vision Equipment to be insured *
These are Binoculars, night vision and range finders, which You use during Outdoor Pursuits.

Important :- Proof of Ownership. Your gun certificate/ firearms licence will be evidence of ownership of the gun. For other items you may be asked to provide evidence e.g. a receipt etc. If you do not have a receipt please take a photo of your items with a newspaper in the background to date the photo.

Unattended vehicle cover is included in your quote subject to you following Home Office guidelines. A link is provided for your reference here but in summary you must lock the vehicle and keep the guns out of sight.


Have you had an insurance claim or incident resulting in damage or theft or loss, relating to your physical gun(s) or accessories, within the last 5 years? *

Yes No

Have you had any insurance relating to your gun(s) or accessories declined, refused or special terms applied? *

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Statement of Facts

The quotation is provided on the basis that you agree all of the following points:

  • You are an individual person over 18 years of age
  • You are domiciled in the United Kingdom
  • You hold a valid shotgun licence or firearms certificate if required for the guns to be insured
  • You keep all shooting equipment in good condition and only undertake maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines
  • You store guns in a gun safe(s) when available
  • You have not been convicted of or charged with any offence, other than a motoring offence or conviction spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • You have not been declared bankrupt or become insolvent or made any voluntary arrangement with creditors or been subject to enforcement of a judgement debt either in a personal capacity or as a business